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This section is devoted to a small series of 1:43-scale models called ’bodybuck’ models.

Please scroll down the page for more information about what inspired these models and what techniques were used to create them.  Please note that these models are no longer available.

About 'Bodybucks'

Many new cars were designed and built using full-sized, three-dimensional mock-ups of the car. These mock-ups were usually made in metal or wood and were commonly known as 'bucks'. These 'bucks' were used to determine the correct position of the inner structure of the car to enable the body to be mounted on the chassis. They were also used as a pattern to make the panels for the body so the fabricators could weld them in place on the chassis as a full skin.

Inspired by these mock-ups, I have created a series of 1:43-scale models called 'Bodybuck' Models. Two versions are available. The first is a Wire 'Bodybuck', which is hand-made from pieces of fine brass wire that have been soldered together and formed into the ’bodybuck’. The second is a 'Wood' 'Bodybuck' which is made from specially cast resin and hand-painted in oils to resemble real wood. Each model is formed to follow the contours and outline of the real car.


The Wire 'Bodybuck' is available in a choice of finishes, either the original brass, or a painted finish in a range of colours. Some models are also available with a small piece of the bodywork attached.

The 'Wood' 'Bodybuck' is available in either a light or dark shade of 'wood', as preferred.

All current models are shown here. Some, such as the Ferrari 375 MM Plus Spyder, the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, and the Ferrari 250 GTO are available in both Wire and ’Wood’ versions. Some models can also be ordered as a 2-model, wire and ’wood’ display on a single base. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.

All models are presented on a white base with a clear plexiglass cover, and are siged by me.

The 'Bodybucks' also make ideal companions to other models, such as is shown in this specially commissioned display of the Ferrari 250 TR58.

Hand-built 1:43 Scale ’Bodybuck’ Models of the Ferrari 250 TR58, 1958 World Sportscar Championship
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