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Hand-built, 1:43-Scale, ’Bodybuck’ Model of the Ferrari 512 S Modulo Pinin, 1970 by Pierre Laugier LP Creation

Hand-built, 1:43-Scale, 'Wood' 'Bodybuck' Model of the Ferrari 512 S Modulo Pinin, 1970

The Ferrari 512 S Modulo Pinin was first unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. It is a concept car which was designed by Paolo Martin of the Italian car body company, Pininfarina. The design immediately attracted attention and went on to win 22 international design awards, representing the best of modern Italian design.

The original chassis of the Modulo was no. 0864, a 1968 Ferrari 612 Can-Am which was given to Pininfarina to build a concept car. Ferrari gave it the new chassis no. 512 S no. 27.

This 'wood' 'Bodybuck' model was presented for the first time at Retromobile 2016 and subsequently at The London Classic Car Show 2016 in February 2016.

Please note that this model is no longer available.

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