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These displays of multiple models all feature a mixture of model types on a single base.  Some are all scratch-built, super-detailed, and fully-opening, using a variety of materials including brass.  Others are built and transformed from kits. 

The idea behind these multiple-model displays is to give the opportunity to view the uninterrupted lines and shape of the car, whilst at the same time viewing its internal workings, such as the chassis frame and engine.

As well as those models that are now complete, the works-in-progress, that is the models and prototypes that are currently being made, are also shown below.

Finished Models
Finished Models
Works in Progress

When I have some new Works in Progress I shall post details with photos here.

Works in Progress
About Displays

If you are interested in the displays featured here, or have an idea for a new multi-model display,  please do not hesitate to Contact Me to discuss your ideas.

Finished displays are all presented on a plexi-glass base (with plexi-glass cover), each with a brass name-plate with details of the car and an LP Creation logo. For those models that have been specially commissioned, the name-plate is personalised.

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