1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Fully-opening, Hand-built Models of the Ferrari Dino 206 S Spyder by Pierre Laugier, LP Creation

Two 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Models of the Ferrari Dino 206 S Spyder, 1966 1000km Nürburgring

This project is of two models of the Ferrari 206 S Spyder.  One model is a built-model, the other is a scratch-built chassis model.  


I had orginally begun this project in October 2017 with the idea to create an entirely scratch-built model in brass and copper.  You may have seen some early photos.  However, in early 2018 I decided to switch to a two-model project, keeping the chassis frame that I had aleady begun.

The majority of the photos show the fully scratch-built chassis model.  Everything has been made from scratch apart from the wheels (note the wheels in the photos of the work-in-progress are not fixed to the  model and were for display purposes only). 


The chassis frame has been made using brass tube which I have soldered together.  The suspension system and wheels hubs are also scratch-built in various materials. Other parts include a new engine, side tanks and radiator in plasticard; trumpets in turned aluminium; a new dashboard, pedals and gear lever; and the bracket for the spare wheel.


The built-model is based on an AMR kit of the 206 S and it has been transformed into the Nürburgring version.  This transformation required the creation of two, new, scratch-built spoilers in brass for the rear of the car, a new cockpit interior, dashboard, and instruments, amongst other things. 


The final group of photos are of the two finished models, which are displayed on separate bases.

​Three Dino Ferraris were entered in the 44-lap race.  All three were virtually identical open cars, a works one driven by Scarfiotti/Bandini (#11), a N.A.R.T.-owned one operated by the works team and driven by Rodriguez/Ginther (#12), and the English Maranello Concessionaires car driven by Piper/Attwood (#14).  This model is the works car, chassis number 004, driven by Ludovico Scarfiotti and Lorenzo Bandini, which came in second behind Jo Bonnier and Phil Hill in a Chaparral 2D.


These models were finished in January 2019 and were on display at Retromobile 2019.


If you would like more information about these or similar models, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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