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1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Fully-opening, Scratch-built Model of the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Low Drag, Le Mans 1964
One-off, 1:12-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 'Monza', 1932 Monaco Grand Prix by Pierre Laugier LP Creation
One-off, 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Opening, Hand-built Model of the Ferrari 750 Monza, Carrera Panamericana 1954 by Pierre Laugier LP Creation
Two 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Models of the Alfa Romeo 159 Alfetta, 1951 by Pierre Laugier LP Creation
1:43-scale, Ferrari 250 GTO 'Bodybuck' Models by Pierre Laugier LP Creation

Pierre Laugier of LP Creation creates 1:43-scale, hand-built, motorsport models of grand prix cars, other single-seater cars, and many other types of sports racing cars from such celebrated manufacturers as Alfa Romeo, Auto Union, Ferrari, and McLaren, amongst others.  He specialises in scratch-built, all-opening models and super-detailed, transformations of kits, and he has recently started to build 1:12-scale models. He has also created a collection of hand-made wire and ’wood’ ’bodybuck’ models.

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