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Hand-built 1:43 Scale ’Bodybuck’ Model of the Ferrari 250 TR58 by Pierre Laugier LP Creation

Hand-built 1:43 Scale 'Wood' 'Bodybuck' Model of the

Ferrari 250 TR58, 1958 World Sportscar Championship

Ferrari built a number of 250 TR58s for the 1958 World Sportscar Championship, and these cars secured them the constructors title by winning four out of the six races, including Le Mans for the third time.

This 'wood' version of the 'Bodybuck' is no longer available. 

Although no longer available, you may be interested to see photos of various versions of the TR58 in the Archive Gallery. These can be found by clicking on the different of these links. 

Ferrari 250 TR58 Wire 'Bodybuck' Model

Ferrari 250 TR58 'Bodybuck' Model Display

Ferrari 250 TR58 Built Model
Ferrari 250 TR58 Chassis Model

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