1:43-Scale, Hand-built Model of the McLaren Ford M23, 1975 British Grand Prix

This new model of Emerson Fittipaldi's winning McLaren Ford M23 from the 1975 British Grand Prix has been built using a white-metal kit by Tameo Kits.


As usual I’ve made a number of modifications to the kit, such as adding some etching that was missing from the bodywork; creating a new roll bar using photo-etched parts and white metal; creating new tyre valves; creating a new air filter from mesh to replace the version in white metal; making a new torsion bar for the suspension; opening various air vents; adding spark plug cables and aviation-type hoses with nuts; moulding new engine trumpets in resin.  The kit doesn’t come with all the accessories to be found on the real car, so I’ve added, for example, an oxygen tank and hose. 

This particular model was finished in 2020 and has now been sold. However, it is available to order, so please do not hesitate to Contact Me if you are interested in placing an order for a McLaren M23, or a similar model, or if you have any questions.

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