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1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Matra MS11, Italian Grand Prix 1968 by Pierre Laugier LP Creation

1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Matra MS11, 1968 Dutch Grand Prix and Italian Grand Prix

These two models of the Matra MS11 were both driven by Jean-Pierre Beltoise in the 1968 F1 season. No. 17 is the version from the 1968 Dutch Grand Prix, where it finished 2nd. No. 6 is from the Italian Grand Prix where it finished 5th.


Both models were built from kits by Model Factory Hiro.  They were modified with the addition of some new, scratch-built parts, some of which replaced those supplied with the kit, although it was not necessary to add many.  The first photos show the work-in-progress of No 17, in particular the beginning of the engine build, as well as the new, scratch-built engine cooling pipes in brass, and the new spark plug wires and new injector wires in brass which have been added to the engine.  These are followed by the model with its wheels, exhausts and finished engine, and finally, the finished model.

The final photos show a mixture of the two completed models as well as details of the finished engine of No. 17. The first model was completed in September 2018, the second model in October 2019.

The version from the Italian Grand Prix was on display at Retromobile 2020.

These models were specially commissioned by

collectors, but if you are interested in a similar model, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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