1:12-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Ferrari 156 Sharknose, Winner, 1961 Italian Grand Prix

In a brand-new departure for LP Creation, I have built my first 1:12-scale model.  This is the Ferrari 156 Sharknose, which is one of my favourite F1 cars, and as I have built various versions in 1:43-scale over the years, I know the car very well.

This is the winning car from the 1961 Italian Grand Prix, driven to a bittersweet victory by the 1961 World Champion, Phil Hill.

As this was the first time tackling a 1:12-scale kit, I was very happy to use one by Model Factory Hiro.  Rather than adding lots of additional detail using scratch-built parts, which I would normally do with a 1:43-scale model, I decided to do a classic build "straight-from-the-box" and so used the parts supplied with the kit.  

However, work was done at the paint-stage to create a "used" look. I wanted the look of a car that had been driven a number of times before, but was not yet at the end of its life or looking neglected or run-down.  I used various paint effects to give the impression that the aluminium, steel and iron parts of the car had been used in a few races, but had been cleaned and maintained in-between.  For example there are slight traces of oil around the filler caps, as though a mechanic had just wiped away any excess or drips.  I have also given the tyres a slightly worn appearance as though they had just been used for a few laps.  

Despite wanting to give the appearance of a used car, I have kept the bodywork very polished as this was a request from a customer.

The model was finished in early 2020 and was on display at Retromobile 2020.

If you are interested in this or a similar model, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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