1:43-Scale, Hand-built Model of the Ferrari 126 C2, Winner of the 1982 Dutch Grand Prix

1:43-Scale, Super-Detailed, Hand-built Model of the Ferrari 126 C2, Winner of the 1982 Dutch Grand Prix

This model is of the Ferrari 126 C2 and was based on a Merikits kit. It is the version from the 1982 Dutch Grand Prix where it was driven to victory by Didier Pironi. This win may have helped Ferrari to the constructors’ title that year, but it was a season dogged by tragedy for the team, and this race was to be Pironi’s last F1 victory before he retired less than two months later having suffered serious injuries in qualifying for the German Grand Prix.

With the arrival of Harvey Postlethwaite at Ferrari, the inconsistent 126 C evolved into the 126 C2 for the 1982 F1 season. He oversaw a number of significant modifications to the 126 which included a new, more reliable turbo engine, and a redesigned chassis, which was Ferrari’s first true monocoque.


Although this model was based on a kit, it was greatly modified with lots of new, fine detailing and scratch-built parts. The new parts were scratch-built in order to produce a model with a high standard of detail and quality.

Photos 1 to 13 were taken over a number of weeks in May 2011. They show the modifications to the bodywork in “before” & “after” shots; a comparison of the new scratch-built radiator (right) with the one from the original kit (left); the suspension arms scratch-built in brass tube, plus the arms that hold the sidepods & the underbody to the main car. The 5th photo is of part of the steering mechanism, also scratch-built in brass. All the brass tube for the scratch-built parts is from Albion Alloys.

The second set of photos (14 to 29) were taken in June & July 2011. As well as showing the progress of the suspension arms and steering mechanism, they also show work on the turbo. The turbo is all new, with specially made parts in resin and turned aluminium, such as the injectors and pipes. Photo 23 shows a comparision between the original injectors and the new scratch-built versions. The air duct has also been improved upon and the support for the turbo is a combination of scratch-built parts in aluminium and parts in white-metal from a Meri-Kits kit. The last two photos are of the new roll bar made from brass tube.

The next set of photos (30 to 39) were taken in October & November 2011. They show the scratch-built front suspension and the brake discs – note that the wheels can be steered left & right. They also show the rear view with the partially scratch-built engine now in position with the injector cables. The interior of the cockpit is now finished as is the rear wing which has been scratch-built in aluminium. Finally, the scratch-built lateral radiators and turbo are now complete and in place.

The finished model can be seen in the last five photos and it was completed in 2012.

The C2 was commissioned by a collector. Nevertheless please feel free to Contact Me if you are interested in commissioning a similar model.

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