1:12-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Bugatti Type 35B, 1929 Monaco Grand Prix by Pierre Laugier

1:12-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Bugatti Type 35B, 1929 Monaco Grand Prix

This new, 1:12-scale model is the second model that I've built in this scale using a Model Factory Hiro kit. 


This is the winning car from the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix, which was the first Grand Prix to be held in the Principality.  The car was driven to this historic victory by the French-born, British driver William Grover-Williams, who later became an undercover British agent in France during the Second World War, and was executed by the Nazis. 

These photos were taken in September 2020 and show the finished model on its presentation base. Earlier photos of the work-in-progress will shortly be added.

I wanted to produce a model with the patina and paintwork of a car that has been driven, not one straight out of the factory with a brand-new, highly polished body.  


As with the 1/12-scale Alfa Romeo Monza, which I am currently building, much time has been spent working on the paint finish of the various metal parts to re-create as closely as possible the different shades of steel, aluminium, polished aluminium etc., with their subtle traces of oil and grease.  Time was also spent researching the original colours of the various parts in rubber and leather (hose, straps, seats etc.), as well as the tyres, the wires holding the bodywork in place, and the engine, all of which are specific to this particular version of the T35B.


As with my other 1/12-scale models, only one model of this particular version of the T35B is available, so that the client will have a unique, one-off piece, complete with a personalised book of photos covering the building of the model.

If you are interested in this or a similar model, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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