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One-off, 1:12-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Winner of Le Mans 1933 by Pierre Laugier LP Creation

One-off, 1:12-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Model of the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Winner of Le Mans 1933

This is another new, 1:12-scale model of the Alfa 8C 2300.  I'm using the transkit by Fernando Pinto Models to transform the Italeri 2020 kit of the 8C 2300 Monza into the ’Figoni’ Alfa Romeo, winner of the 1933 Le Mans 24 Hours. 

This 8C was driven to victory by Raymond Sommer and Tazio Nuvolari, the Italian’s one and only entry at Le Mans, and Alfa’s third consecutive Le Mans’ win.  It was a thrilling race won by the tightest of margins in one of the closest finishes ever recorded (401 metres), all thanks to Sommer’s inspired use of some chewing gum to plug a leaking fuel tank in the #11 car!

As with the Monza version of the 8C, I have decided to make many new, scratch-built parts in aluminium and brass.  These new parts will improve both the overall quality of the model by replacing some of the original plastic and resin parts, and will also add new details not already supplied with the kit.


Many of these parts can be seen in the photos, some of which show comparisons with the original parts from the kit, such as the new louvres for the cockpit and engine bodywork in aluminium, made using my own custom-made tool.  The supporting struts for the front wings have also been remade in brass to make them stronger. The front shock absorbers and leaf springs have also been modified to allow for the addition of real nuts and bolts in brass. 

The first photos of the work-in-progress were taken in the Spring of 2021, with the most recent photos added in the Spring of 2023. 


The most recent photos show the model after it has been painted with primer, and with the new, scratch-built, louvred engine cover with fully-opening, scratch-built hinges in brass.  The other photos show the work-in-progress of the engine after it has been painted and with the addition of various scratch-built parts in brass. 

I have previously made a 1:43-scale, scratch-built model of the 8C Le Mans which can be viewed by clicking here

As with my other 1:12-scale models, only one model of this particular version of the Le Mans car will be available, so that the client will have a unique, one-off piece, complete with a personalised book of photos covering the building of the model.

If you are interested in this or a similar model, please do not hesitate to Contact Me for more information.

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