Two 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Models of the Lotus Ford 49

Two 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Hand-built Models of the Lotus Ford 49

I have made two versions of the Lotus 49, both driven by Jim Clark. The first was the late version of the Lotus 49 driven to victory at the 1968 South African Grand Prix, the first race of the season. Clark was tragically killed before the next race of the season, so this was the last F1 race he ever competed in. The model was completed in November 2014


The second model was from the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix, which Jim Clark also won. This model was completed in the summer of 2016. Both models were commissions for a customer.


Both models were builds of 1:43-scale Model Factory Hiro kits. Whilst I have built the kits “from-the-box”, I have added a greater number of hand-made parts than with the earlier MFH models. I soldered brass tubes to make the following parts: the lower rear suspension arms as well as the 4 lateral suspension arms (which were made using the same system of conical tips, bearings and nuts that are found on the real car); the support for the radiator; the supports for the rear shock absorbers; and the supports for the exhausts. I also added individual rivets to the bodywork, and various fuel lines and cables such as the spark plug wires to the engine. Finally, I hand-painted the white-metals parts such as the exhausts, fuel tanks, engine parts etc. using printers ink mixed with artist oil paints to create a “used” effect.

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