A series of 1:43-scale, limited-edition, super-detailed, hand-built models

Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 ’Monza’ Limited Edition, 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Fully-opening, Hand-built Model
Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 ’Monza’ Limited Edition, 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Fully-opening, Hand-built Model

Limited Edition, 1:43-Scale, Super-detailed, Fully-opening,

Hand-built Model of the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 ’Monza’,

Winner of the 1932 Monaco Grand Prix


The fascination with pre-war Alfa Romeo’s continues with another new model, this time of the 8C ’Monza’. The version I have made is the winner of the 1932 Monaco Grand Prix, driven by the legendary Tazio Nuvolari. I shall also be making the winner of the 1932 Targa Florio, also driven by Nuvolari.

This was the first time an Alfa works team had managed a start at Monaco, and Nuvolari was one of their three official drivers at the race in April 1932, all driving what appeared to be brand new 8C ’Monzas’ straight from the factory and as yet unregistered. Bugatti and Maserati were their biggest rivals, but once the most competitive Bugattis had abandoned, the race was between Nuvolari and Caracciola, an independant driver also in a 8C ’Monza’, with Maserati trailing in third place. The last 40 laps of the race were a battle between the two Alfas, and although Nuvolari never relinquished the lead, Caracciola came close to seizing victory towards the end the race, an opportunity he mysteriously decided not to take.

Whilst the model was based on an MCM Top Queens kit, like many of my other models it was virtually rebuilt, either from scratch or using specially-commissioned photo-etched parts. Only the seats, body, front radiator cover and dashboard remained from the original kit, and although these were modified and improved upon. The engine from the Top Queens kit was used but was greatly modified using scratch-built parts. Everything else was scratch-built.

Initial work on the model began in July 2011. The scratch-built parts that were made included the brass chassis; the turned aluminium brake drums; front and rear suspensions in brass, including the leaf springs and shock absorbers; the transmission in turned aluminium; the pedal and braking systems; the steering system and steering box; and a new brass bonnet.


The finished model was presented for the first time at Retromobile 2012 in Paris.

All the brass tube for the scratch-built parts is from by Albion Alloys.

This model is now no longer available.

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